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Discover how you can get your Private
Pilot License In As Little as 90 Days!

Unmatched Freedom, Unparalleled Scenery
Breathtaking Experiences... The Type Of Fun
That Breeds Jealousy Among Friends...

Privat Pilot Training at Ace Flight School
  • Unique Diamond Aircraft Fleet

  • High Quality, Personalized Flight Instruction

  • Conveniently Located at the Stead Airport


If you're like me, you've always dreamed of the open skies, the jaw-dropping scenery and the body buzz a person gets when they're let loose in the wide open skies. It's exhilarating and gives you instant bragging rights...

The Challenges Of Other Flight Schools...

But... You don't want to invest $10,000+ just to have a piece of plastic hanging out of your wallet that's only good for weekend adventures! You don't want to be in a class of 9 other people where the instructor rarely spends any time with you...

Or worse... going to a school where you are forced to get your pilot license in an ancient 1970's relic that is stripped of any form of modern avionics.

What are a modern pilot's dreams made of?

  • A school willing to let you learn to fly for the first time ever in new model Diamond Aircraft with the most recent technologies.
    • Ace Flight School has Color Screen, Moving Map Garmin GPS set up in BOTH of our Private Pilot Training Aircraft.
  • An instructor that is NOT just here to build hours for the next big flying opportunity.
  • A team that's anxious to see you succeed and actually cares about how well you do and how much you learn!
  • A group of people who are in love with flight training and excited to share that passion with you!
  • An Airport that Saves You Money!

Is this Your Vision of a Flight School?

That's Exactly What Ace Flight School Is
Dedicated to Providing

I guarantee that getting your Private Pilot License will be the most thrilling and amazing thing you have experienced so far.


Why get a Private Pilot License?

I guarantee that getting your Private Pilot License will be the most thrilling and amazing thing you have experienced so far.

You will find freedom that you've never known before...
PPL at Ace Flight School
Scenery you and your friends have only Dreamed Of...
Learn To Fly! Pilot Training!
Private License at Ace Aviation
...And a sense of Pride and Confidence like nothing else!
Private Pilot License at Ace Flight School

You obviously have the interest and ambition to get your Private Pilot License or you wouldn't be here looking at this website. You already know that as a Private Pilot you will be flying free with the birds in our beautiful Reno/Tahoe environment. But how will you know the amazing freedom of actually flying until you do it? I wish I could put into words all of the sensations, however the experience is one that has to be felt.

Why not let our instructors at Ace Flight School give you this feeling during your Private Pilot Training? Both Instructors, Jack Suierveld and Scott Morris, are ambitious instructors that have a passion for teaching the gift of flight. Another very important point to add about our instructors is neither one of them are just here to build time for another job, such as an airline - they are instructors because that's what they enjoy doing.

  • You get quality instruction from instructors who aren't there just to move on to the newer, better opportunity.
  • You WILL NOT get left in mid-training because your instructor DID move on to the newer, better opportunity.
  • And you know that they will be much more anxious to see YOU SUCCEED, so you will not be spending extra money on run-on-the-mill Flight Instruction!
  • You know that they will be much more anxious to see YOU SUCCEED, so you will not be spending extra money on run-on-the-mill Flight Instruction!
  • And the Stead Airport SAVES you Money.
    We do not have a control tower, so there's no need to burn up gas and money waiting for permission to taxi, take off and land.


What are the requirements to start training at Ace Flight School for a Private Pilot License?

Ambition to Learn. Simply put, that's it. You don't need any special college degrees or special skill sets. You don't need any prior experience or even an airplane to learn in. All you need is a willingness and a passion to learn.


What are the requirements to receive a Private Pilot License?

  • 40 Hours Total Time
    • 20 Hours Flight Instruction with a Flight Instructor
    • 10 Hours Solo including:
      • 5 Hours Cross-Country Time**.
      • 1 Cross Country Flight of at least 150 Nautical Miles Total Distance with Landings at 3 Points, and a One Leg with a Straight Line Distance of at least 50 Nautical Miles.
      • 3 Takeoffs and Landings to a Full Stop at an Airport with a Control Tower.
    • 3 Hours Cross-Country Training** with an Instructor including:
      • 3 Hours Night Training
      • 1 Night Cross-Country Flight** of over 100 nautical miles
    • 10 Night Takeoffs and Landings
    • 3 Hours Simulated Instrument Flight Training
    • 3 Hours Preparation for Practical within 60 Days of the Practical

**The Definition of "Cross-Country" is any flight over 50 Nautical Miles.


How much will it cost to get my Private Pilot License?

Flight Training

$10,100 (estimate)

• 30 hrs Dual Flight Instruction

• $6,000

• 25 hrs Solo

• $3,500

• 10 hrs Ground Instruction

• $600

Recommended Supplies
Click Here for the List of Supplies

Private Pilot Kit at Ace Flight School

$220 (estimate)
Student Pilot Certificate and Medical $95


  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam (Checkride)


  • $90
  • $300
DVD Home Study Course


  • Ace Flight School Supplies the DVD Home Study Course to use while Completing your Rating.



At Ace Flight School we like to see our students achieve their aviation goals in the most cost effective way. In order for this to happen we have decided to utilize the Block Account method over the Package Price method of billing. In order to put together a Package Price, schools take an average number of hours to complete the desired rating; however, this average will likely not be your total number of hours which could end up costing you more money. Using a block account will ensure that you receive every dollar of your paid training.

As a bonus, we give you a bonus for every Block Deposit made!
For a $500 Block Deposit, you will receive a 5% bonus.
For a $1000 Block Deposit, you will receive a 10% bonus


How do I get Started?

Go on an Introductory Flight for only $149.

Take Advantage of this Special Offer Today!

  • Pay Quickly and Securely with PayPal
  • We will Call You within 24 Hours to Schedule your Introductory Flight

Or Call Us Today - (775) 247-4534

Create an account with our Flight Scheduling system. Click Here.
Purchase the recommended Pilot Supplies. Click Here for the List.
Get a Medical Certificate and a Student Pilot Certificate. The Medical Examiner will issue your Student Pilot Certificate. Click Here to Locate an FAA Medical Examiner.
This step is not required until a few lessons into the training (it's needed for solo flights), however it is a good idea to get it as soon as possible to prevent spending money on flying in the event a Medical Certificate can not be attained.
Login to the Flight Scheduling System and schedule your flights.
(We recommend 2.5 Hour slots at least twice per week).


What can I expect on my First Flight???

As with starting anything new, there will be a certain amount of anxiety going into your first couple of flights. We understand that here at Ace Flight School, so we have decided to include this section to help ease your mind and let you focus on how exciting your first few lessons will be!

  • Prior to Flight
    • We will start by introducing you to your airplane. This will include walking around the plane and talking about various parts, why they're there, and how they work.
    • After our walk around we will take a look inside the airplane. You will notice what will seem like a lot of foreign instruments. We'll narrow all of the things you see down to our most important instruments, then we'll talk about why they're there and how they'll be helping you in your training.
    • Now that we know our airplane we'll step back from it for a few minutes and observe our airport environment. The details will be discusses later on in the training, but we will talk a little bit about some of the basic things we'll be dealing with.
  • Starting the Engine, Taxi, and Run-Up
    • In order to get moving we obviously need to get the engine running, so we'll discuss the procedure for starting the engine.
    • Now that we have the ability to move, we need to get to the runway. There's no steering wheel in an airplane that steers the airplane around on the ground (such as in your car), so we'll need to introduce how to "drive" the airplane on the ground. This is referred to as taxiing.
    • One very important step prior to flight that is not used when driving a car is an engine run-up. Unlike in a car, if our engine isn't working optimally or quits on us, we can not pull over to the side of the road and take a look at it. This is the purpose of our engine run-up. It lets us double check everything and make sure things are running correctly before we start flying.
  • The Flight
    • Now comes the exciting part! We are finally going to get this bird into the sky. In order to do this, we need to Take Off. We'll talk a little bit about what will be expected when you put the power in and go over the procedure used to get ourselves into the sky.
    • The flight portion will be a bit shorter on the first flight or two due to the time spent on the ground, but things we'll be experiencing will include how the airplane reacts when we do certain things, communication, and various safety items and how to avoid problems.
    • Ok, so now we're flying. I know you will want to stay up here all day, but unfortunately the old adage "what goes up must come down" holds true for us. This being said, we'll introduce the landing process.
  • After the Flight
    • This may sound as simple as turning off the engine and getting on with our day, but there are certain things that must be done to an aircraft before you can walk away from it. This list would include the Tie Down. We would like the plane to be in the same place we left it when we come back to it, so we'll talk about how Ace Flight School likes our planes to be properly Post-Flighted.
    • Finally, we'll wrap things up by getting any questions and/or concerns out of the way, talk about how the lesson went, and then talk about what to expect on the next lesson.

I hope this eased the anxiety of the first couple of flights a little bit. Now that you know what to expect you can just think about the excitement of being up in the sky, high above your day-to-day problems.

We look forward to making
your Dream Come True!

And don't Forget to Schedule your $149 Introductory Flight!

  • Pay Quickly and Securely with PayPal
  • We will Call You within 24 Hours to Schedule your Introductory Flight

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