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Multi-Engine Rating

Don't Be Stuck with One Engine
When You Can Have Two!

Ok, so you're a pilot... What now?
Why not qualify yourself for something new...?

Multi-Engine Rating at Ace Flight School
  • Double Your Engines, Double The Fun!

  • ...Plus, Two Engines Are Safer Than One...

  • High Quality, Personalized Flight Instruction

  • Conveniently Located at the Stead Airport


Why get a Multi-Engine Rating?

With a Multi-Engine Rating you open up the door for more speed, greater distances, more weight limit (for passengers and baggage) and more safety. Multi-Engine aircraft are designed to get you where you want to go and most let you cram in more stuff than a Single-Engine counterpart. Plus, when you consider the added safety of having an extra engine, it makes getting your Multi-Engine Rating a no brainer...


What are the requirements to start training at Ace Flight School for a Multi-Engine Rating?

The FAA doesn't specify any particular requirements, but due to insurance and liability reasons Ace Flight School requires at least a Private Pilot License and a minimum of 100 hours of PIC including 20 hours of Complex.


What are the requirement to get a Multi-Engine Rating?

The only requirement for a Multi-Engine Rating is a practical test from an FAA examiner.


How much will a Multi-Engine Rating Cost?

Flight Training

$3,900 (estimate)

• 10 Hours of Flight Instruction in the Piper Apache • $3,100

• 2 Hours of Solo in the Piper Apache

• $500

• 5 Hours of Ground


• $300

Recommended Supplies
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Multiengine Rating at Ace Flight School

$190 (estimate)


  • Practical Exam (Checkride)


  • $300



At Ace Flight School we like to see our students achieve their aviation goals in the most cost effective way. In order for this to happen we have decided to utilize the Block Account method over the Package Price method of billing. In order to put together a Package Price, schools take an average number of hours to complete the desired rating; however, this average will likely not be your total number of hours which could end up costing you more money. Using a block account will ensure that you receive every dollar of your paid training.

As a bonus, we give you a bonus for every Block Deposit made!
For a $500 Block Deposit, you will receive a 5% bonus.
For a $1000 Block Deposit, you will receive a 10% bonus.


How do I get Started?

Getting Started with Ace Flight School is Easy! Simply Click Here for a checklist


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