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Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot License at Ace Flight School
  • Get Everything from Private Pilot Through Multi-Engine Commercial

  • High Quality, Personalized Flight Instruction

  • Conveniently Located at the Stead Airport

Why get a Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot License?

With a Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot License not only do you open up the opportunity to get paid to fly, you also give yourself the added edge of having your Multi-Engine Rating with 50 hours, making you more appealing to employers. Your options are nearly limitless: airlines, charter, corporate, crop dusting, glider towing, flight instruction and the list goes on. Although many of these require additional training, none of these are possible without first getting your Commercial Pilot License.


What are the requirements to start training at Ace Flight School for the Multi-Engine Commercial Program?

Unlike our Commercial Pilot program, you do not need 200 hours to start up. This program is design for new students that have the desire to make a career in aviation, so all that is required to get started is the drive and ambition to be a professional pilot.


What will the Multi-Commercial Program cover?

Since this program starts from scratch and goes all the way through your Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot License, everything in between will be achieved. This will include your Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Time Building toward your Commercial Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License and your Multi-Engine Add On to the Commercial Pilot License. By the end of the program you will have approximately 250 hours including 50 hours of Multi-Engine.


How much will it cost to complete the Multi-Engine Commercial Program?

Flight Training $51,900 (estimate)

Private Pilot License


Instrument Rating


Time Building in DA40 (65 Hours)


Multi-Engine Rating


Time Building in Apache


  •30 Hours Dual


  •10 Hours Solo  


Commercial Pilot License



Recommended Supplies
Click Here for the List of Supplies

$578 (estimate)

  •Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit (Part 61)

Private Pilot Kit at Ace Flight School


  •Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Kit (Part 61)

Instrument and Commercial Kit at Ace Flight School


  •Jeppesen Multi-Engine w/ Video

Multi-Engine Kit at Ace Flight School


Student Pilot Certificate and Medical $95


  • Private Pilot Written Exam
  • Private Pilot Practical Exam
  • Instrument Rating Written Exam
  • Instrument Rating Practical Exam
  • Multi-Engine Practical Exam
  • Commercial Pilot Written Exam
  • Commercial Pilot Practical Exam
  • Multi Add On Practical Exam


  • $90
  • $300
  • $90
  • $300
  • $300
  • $90
  • $300
  • $300
DVD Home Study Course
(Private and Instrument)


  • Ace Flight School Supplies the DVD Home Study Course to use while Completing your Rating.



At Ace Flight School we like to see our students achieve their aviation goals in the most cost effective way. In order for this to happen we have decided to utilize the Block Account method over the Package Price method of billing. In order to put together a Package Price, schools take an average number of hours to complete the desired rating; however, this average will likely not be your total number of hours which could end up costing you more money. Using a block account will ensure that you receive every dollar of your paid training.

As a bonus, we give you a bonus for every Block Deposit made!
For a $500 Block Deposit, you will receive a 5% bonus.
For a $1000 Block Deposit, you will receive a 10% bonus.


How do I get Started?

Getting Started with Ace Flight School is Easy! Simply Click Here for a checklist.

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