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Instrument Rating at Ace Flight School

  • High Quality, Personalized Flight Instruction

  • Conveniently Located at the Stead Airport


  • Have you ever flown somewhere just to find yourself fogged in when its time to leave?

  • Never let a pesky layer of clouds keep you from your destination ever again!


Why get an Instrument Rating?

Safety, Convenience, Insurance.
Can you remember that revelation you had when you realized there was actually a way to navigate up there in the sky - that, with the use of VOR's, you could go from point A to point B without a visible highway with lines painted on it, center dividers, and cops with radar guns pointed at you? As a VFR Pilot, how much do you actually use VOR's? And when you use them, how closely do you pay attention to the precision of your course? Heck, you can just look our the window and see that I-80 is right below you, so if you just maintain a heading that is somewhere close to the direction of I-80 you can get yourself where you need to go!

This is where safety comes in to play. As an IFR pilot you will build a sense of confidence in your skills. This new skill set is something that will take you time and effort to build, but it is also the same skill set that will enable to you go from point A to point B without seeing anything but your instrument for almost the entire trip - no I-80 to follow, or even US395 for that matter. No Mt. Rose or Lake Tahoe to back up your navigation efforts. Just an endless haze that barely lets you see the tip of your wing! But this is the tip of the iceberg. You will learn to cope with instrument failures (although rare, they do occur). More advanced weather training will allow you to judge your environment before you go fly - VFR or IFR. Your way of flying will meld into a precision based mentality that will allow you to become the best pilot you can be.

The conveniences of having an Instrument Rating are almost as great as the safety side! Just think of it this way: Your best friend from the Bay Area calls you and says you HAVE to come down because there is this great concert that you just NEED to go to. You look at your busy schedule book and see an unusual gap that allows you to go; however, you realize that you will be hitting Sacramento and the Bay Area dead center in the middle of rush hour. You'll be driving for HOURS and will miss the concert... But wait, there are little airports all over California, and one just happens to be a stones throw from your friends house! Everything is perfect - you get your plane, fly down, watch the concert. When you walk out your heart skips a beat. The ceiling can't be but 1500 feet, definitely not enough to get over the Sierra Mountains. Hmm, not to fear - you have your Instrument Rating, which will allow you to pop through this little blanket and get back home.

Insurance. If you're an aircraft owner you know the joys of paying insurance. Well, most insurance companies like to see Private Pilots become more experienced, and one great way to do this is to get your Instrument Rating. It shows them that you are taking steps to become the best, most experienced pilot you can be by honing your skills. Just another great reason to get started on your Instrument Rating today, and we at Ace Flight School welcome you with open arms!


What are the requirements to start training at Ace Flight School for an Instrument Rating?

The only requirements needed to start training at Ace Flight School for your Instrument Rating are a Private Pilot Certificate and the desire to stick your head in the clouds!


What are the requirements to receive an Instrument Rating ?

  • Have a Private Pilot License
  • 50 Hours of PIC Cross-Country Time
  • 40 Hours of Actual or Simulated Instrument Time
  • 15 Hours of Dual Instrument Flight Training
  • IFR Cross-Country consisting of:
    • 250 Nautical Miles Total Distance Along Airways or ATC Routing
    • Instrument Approach at each airport
    • 3 different approaches
  • 3 Hours of Instrument Flight Training for Practical within 60 Days of the Practical


How much will it cost to get my Instrument Rating

Flight Training

$7,650 (estimate)

• 30 Hours of Flight Instruction in the Diamond DA40 • $7,050
• 10 Hours of Ground Instruction • $600

Note - Your Instrument Rating may cost less than above depending on the number of PIC Cross Country hours you have. These numbers are based on starting with 10 hours of PIC Cross Country Hours.

Recommended Supplies
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IFR Rating at Ace Flight School

$168 (estimate)


  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam (Checkride)


  • $90
  • $300
DVD Home Study Course


  • Ace Flight School Supplies the DVD Home Study Course to use while Completing your Rating.



At Ace Flight School we like to see our students achieve their aviation goals in the most cost effective way. In order for this to happen we have decided to utilize the Block Account method over the Package Price method of billing. In order to put together a Package Price, schools take an average number of hours to complete the desired rating; however, this average will likely not be your total number of hours which could end up costing you more money. Using a block account will ensure that you receive every dollar of your paid training.

As a bonus, we give you a bonus for every Block Deposit made!
For a $500 Block Deposit, you will receive a 5% bonus.
For a $1000 Block Deposit, you will receive a 10% bonus.


How do I get Started?

Getting Started with Ace Flight School is Easy! Simply Click Here for a checklist.


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