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Diamond Katana DA20, N893CT
Diamond Star DA40, N524DS


Diamond Katana DA20, N893CT

Ace Flight School
Learn to Fly at Ace Flight School

This little 2-seater is the ideal training aircraft. The Katana is one of the easiest airplanes to fly and it only burns 5 gallons of fuel per hour, making it both affordable to fly AND fun!

We have our Katana equipped with a Garmin 420 Moving Map GPS (making navigation a breeze), a single VOR, Mode C Transponder, 2 Com Transceivers, and Gyroscopic Heading and Attitude Indicators.

Diamond Star DA40, N524DS

Diamond Aircraft Rental at Ace Flight School
Rent Diamond Aircraft at Ace Flight School

The Diamond Star is an incredible aircraft. Combining its light weight composite airframe and the Lycoming 180 Horsepower engine, she'll get you where you need to go and only burn 8 gallons per hour in the process.

We have our Star equipped with a Garmin 530/430 Stack (with terrain awareness), an HSI and VOR combination (both linked to a GPS Receiver), Mode C Transponder, 2 Com Transceivers, and Gyroscopic Heading (HSI) and Attitude Indicators, Digital Engine Management, and a 2-Axis Autopilot.

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We are very pleased to announce that we are adding aircraft to our fleet!

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Piper Apache (Multi-Engine)
Expected Mid-May 2009

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